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About Root Revive

I consider myself the typical busy woman. I’m a wife, a mother, a business owner, volunteer, friend and more. Root Revive was born out of my frustrations as the consumer. I believe products should be effective, easy to use, offer consistent results, and above all, it shouldn’t create another problem requiring yet another solution.

When I created Root Revive, I was seeking a solution for my own problem: roots. Nothing was working. All of the available products designed to help me were messy, or didn’t look or feel right. I had my “oops!” moments with root cover dyes, saved only by my stylist, and had cleaned my counters and floors from root cover sprays, one too many times.  I was discouraged, disappointed, and I felt as if I were wasting my money and my time. . So I literally understand your pain, and Root Revive® is the outcome of my desire to make this a non issue for myself and all of us that struggle with roots that don’t match our “chosen” hair color. Because we should all be free to choose what color, and what style of hair we want to be today, this week, or this year.

Root Revive was created as duo color pots to help women match their perfect color every morning, every application. There is no reason a woman should have to settle for a “sort of” match for her color. Whether by design or by nature, we all have multiple shades in our hair, and our duos allow women to apply their highlights and lowlights separately, to blend them, or to layer them, for a perfect match. Each duo comes with a high quality brush, specifically designed to make the application of our product flawless, and our packaging makes it easy for the consumer to understand and use our product. Plus, I have tucked and inspirational saying inside each box hoping to inspire you in heart felt ways.

Over 108 million women color their hair. It isn’t just a matter of vanity, it’s a matter of self-confidence, let’s face it: roots are ugly. When we spend so much of our time focused on others, we can’t be worrying about whether or not they’re focusing on our ugly re-growth. We want to leave the house looking our best, and we want our best to be easy. Fortunately, Root Revive is a uniquely simple solution to this problem.

Root Revive® allows you to cover those roots, whether you have dark or light ones, quickly, one time (until you shampoo) and takes just seconds to apply. The results are instant, the wear is continuous until shampooed out, and the look is natural. When I first showed my hair dresser what I had created, she was standing inches from where it was applied, and wondering why I didn’t have any roots showing. Hmmm? By quickly parting my hair, she was able to see how “needy” I was for color, and thrilled at how well Root Revive® hid my problem.

So whether you change your color once every few years, are red one week and brown the next, you can make these decisions knowing, there is not one day, where your roots need to be a cause for you to feel less than just colored perfect. It is freeing, to wear whatever style I want, I can have parts, pull my hair back any day, never having to feel exposed!

Root Revive® is a solution, designed for the consumer, because I was the consumer.  If you deal with roots, give it a try you have nothing to lose. As a company we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.  If you have hesitated to color, because you don’t want to deal with roots, know that Root Revive® makes that a non issue. If you want to color, choose to color, with the quality of products found today in stores or used in salons, you won’t hurt your hair. So have the hair color you want, Maybe it is what you had as a kid, maybe it is something warmer, or brighter, just know you don’t have to worry about roots ruining your just colored look. You can be confidently beautiful every day.



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Kerri – Palm Desert, CA

I'm loving this product, as are my friends. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

March 16, 2017