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Our Reds

Rescue Kits

Ravishing Red:

Perfect for medium warm reds with a definite copper undertone

This compact contains 2 grams of product and includes two of our popular warm red tones. One is truly tending towards the copper tones, and one is a great match for reddish brown hair. Together they layer to create some wonderful warm reds.

Professional Color Pots


Perfect for warms reds that just flirt with the red category

This is one of our single color 3 gram pots. It is a brownish red, that works very well for women with a warm red color with heavy brown undertones.


Perfect for true warm reds, that boldly embrace the warm copper tones

This two color pot contains 3 grams of product and includes a beautiful copper side, and a warm brown side, which layered creates some beautiful bright copper colors tones. It works very well for women with warm brown hair, but where red highlights are used to enhance the look.

Dark Burgundy:

Perfect for the beautiful burgundy reds to very dark browns with a burgundy undertone

This two color pot contains 3 grams of product and includes what appears to be a shockingly pink side, but in reality this color matches some of the amazing burgundy tones some women can wear so well. The darker side of this color pot, allows a woman to tone that down to a perfect match for them, even if they are very dark with just a hint of burgundy.



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Kerri – Palm Desert, CA

I'm loving this product, as are my friends. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

March 16, 2017