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Can you define beautiful hair

You are uniquely Beautiful!

What does beautiful hair look like? Is this ever something you think about?

We are often “sold” an idea that beautiful hair comes from a certain products box or bottle. In my opinion, beautiful hair, is a combination of items.

Beautiful hair is healthy hair, this means your diet involves healthy amounts of good for you foods. It also means you supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals that insure your skin and hair are getting the nutrients they need. Healthy hair is strong, has a gloss or sheen, and resists breakage.

Beautiful hair is hair that is cut or styled in a manner that compliments your hair texture, your face and your body type. A pixie cut is amazing on some, but not amazing on others.

Beautiful hair enhances our look or persona. It may be the focal point for some, but when we refer to it as beautiful, it compliments a woman’s overall appearance. It is part of the package, not an after thought.

Beautiful hair is hair that is cared for. It is brushed, it is styled. It is carefully and thoughtfully put together each day. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it needs to show you did more than get out of the shower, and let it go. It can be up, it can be pulled back, it can be curled or straight.

Beautiful hair comes from you, know your hair needs, know your hair abilities, know what your hair can and can’t do. Don’t let it just happen, don’t always pull your hair back and forget it, don’t stay away from a hair cut too long. Do use products to improve the texture, quality, shine and overall look of your hair. Do choose a hair color that enhances your complexion and style. Do spend a few minutes styling your hair, even if you are pulling it back, you can do it with style.

Don’t wear long hair if that doesn’t work for your face, don’t wear short hair if that doesn’t work for your face. If you have thin hair, choose a style that makes the best of that texture, if you have thick hair, make sure you manage it with a good cut and style.

Beautiful hair is individualized. There are some aspects of this concept that are common, but in general remember it is not what is good on someone else, it is what is good for you. It is easy to tame frizzies, easy to enhance color, easy to create a hair persona with a good stylist. Take care of your hair, care enough about your appearance that you spend a bit of time each day doing even simple things to be the most beautiful you. It is not a fashion magazine, it is not what we see on the big screen, it is “you” inside and out, and how the world outside of yourself, experiences you. Care enough to find out what that is, and make sure it matches what you want it to be.



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Stylist, Mascola’s Salon, Tigard, OR

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March 16, 2017