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Answers to commonly asked questions about Root Revive…

Using the Root Revive application brush, load the brush by liberally pushing it back and forth over the surface of the pressed powder. Apply it to the hair, beginning at the scalp and brushing away from the skin. For good coverage you will want to do an area approx. 3/4” wide area around your part or hair line. You do this by sectioning the hair into small areas, and covering the exposed roots. You will watch the mismatched roots simply disappear.

You can do either, but we suggest drying your hair, and then only applying Root Revive where you roots show.

There are two methods that work. The colors can be mixed in the pot, creating a perfect match for your chosen hair color. Layering is also a great method. If a color is a bit dark, then layer the lighter color over the top and create a better matched tone. The duo’s allow you to warm up a color, or lighten or darken a color by this layering method.

Root Revive is a temporary concealor, But it will stay put, even if you get your hair completely wet, for at least 48 hours. Shampoo will completely remove Root Revive.

No, Root Revive will not damage or change your hair.

No, You will not find smudges of color on your clothes or on your pillow case. It will stay on your hair even if your hair is wet (soaked). If you wipe wet hair or your hairline after a rigorous workout, you will see some product on the tissue or towel, but it will not run down you face. Or expose your roots.

Yes, Root Revive will not be effected by sprays, after it has been applied. If you choose to use gels or shine products, apply those to your wet hair, then dry, and apply Root Revive as needed.



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Stylist, Mascola’s Salon, Tigard, OR

It's so easy to apply it has replaced all our other products.

March 16, 2017