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Finding Your Look

I saw it again this afternoon, a woman with a hair color that was an amazing shade of red. I am not sure what you would call it, but it was vibrant, warm and matched her complexion and personality perfectly. I loved that she didn’t care that very few others had this shade of red, she wasn’t going for a look that fit in, she was going for her look.

We all don’t have a personality that is comfortable being that “unique”, but we should all want to create “our look”. It can be casual or high maintenance, that doesn’t matter, but it should have thought behind it. One easy way to identify your look is to honestly look at your hair color. Does it need a boost, is it not quite warm enough, is it dull, does it need richness?

It is amazing what hair color does to your over all beauty confidence.  Even a small change will make people notice, you will hear things like, you look great, did you lose weight, etc. and all you did was add some warmth to your hair color. There has been a long standing problem with coloring, women don’t want to start the process, because they know that the color looks great for a few days, and then as their regrowth appears, their old color starts to ruin the new look.

At Grayce we solved the problem of mismatch roots, whether they are lighter or darker. Our Root Revive root cover product, quickly completely covers those roots where they show in your particular style. If you have a distinct part, you pull your hair up and your temples show, or your hair line shows around your face, our product hides those roots until you decide you have the time to go to the salon, or touch up your roots at home.

No more worries about having a meeting, a date, an event, a vacation or a family picture, Root Revive will hide any roots that don’t match your chosen hair color. No mess, within seconds, and stays put (easily up to 48 hours) until you shampoo it out. Then it removes cleanly and completely, leaving no residue, it won’t damage your hair, or affect your next coloring. In fact you can color right over it. What could be simpler?



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Karen – Portland, Oregon

I was introduced to Grayce by my hair gives me lots of confidence between my colorings.

March 16, 2017