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Hot and warm weather hair do’s

We are in for a hot week, this is still a bit early, but the forecast causes me to think about what am I going to do with my hair? I’ve been growing it out for a couple years, and not ready to cut it, but, as the weather warms up, I start to realize I want to wear my hair up more and more.

Balance comfort and style for those Hot summer days.

There are two things I do when I get home, take my shoes off and pull my hair back. With this forecast, I am thinking how do I “pull my hair back” at work? Seems rather straight forward, but, most of the “ponytails” I see are great for home, not for work. There are many “items” available to help get your hair up or back. Most drugstores have some items, but certainly going to a beauty store, provides you with some higher quality options for this purpose.

Pinterest has really become my go to option for ideas on “what to do with my hair”. I am not the type of person that will spend hours dealing with my hair, but just pulling it back, is not a hair style…take a few minutes to find a simple approach to getting your hair back or up in the hot weather. There is braiding (simple and fancy), there are clips, there are clasps, there are bands and methods that will work for anyone. Take some time to learn how to do it quickly and easily, and then enjoy. Relax, kick your shoes off and put your hair up, it may look simple but when done right, with some thought and planning it will look fabulous.



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March 16, 2017