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Price vs. Quality. Where you you fall?

When you purchase a product, what is important to you?

Price vs. Quality balanceDo you buy price all the time? Do you buy quality? Do you buy from recommendations?

With all the media avenues today, we cannot help be influenced by what we hear and see. Digital media, makes branding a unique adventure. Whether you are branding a company or an identity, branding is accomplished in a very different way in 2016.

So why do you purchase the things you purchase? What drives your decision? Sadly it can be hard to get information from traditional retail settings. I have found that some of the on line retail environments offer more information than brick and mortar stores. There are times I go in a store looking for something specific, and no one really knows if they even carry it. Many of the retail environments are spaces available to purchase products with no guarantees or information made available as to what they carry or the quality of the product they have on their shelves.

We tend to think though that certain retail names, represent a certain level of quality. Are we right in that assumption?

Is the name of a business an assurance of quality?

Large companies, recognize that name recognition, and even historical perspectives don’t change quickly. They use their size, and ability to fill the airways with branding messages, as their “key” to perceived quality. How many times have you been disappointed in a product that just didn’t do what it said it would. How many times have you found an unheard of product that was amazing?

The same digital communications that help maintain and create branding, are your path to finding quality products. Products created by companies that care about you as a consumer, and want to meet your expectations and needs. Almost everyone is on the internet, so if you look, you can find these products and companies that are truly committed to you, the consumer. Their products are great, they do what they say, they listen to you, because they are you, they can’t depend on “reputation” they must be great. We have a choice to spend our dollars anywhere we want. I believe that spending our hard earned money wisely means you don’t buy hype, you buy quality. Quality is not limited to large brands, it is only limited by the beliefs of the company. There are many well known, big brand products, I have only purchased once, and I quickly learned that the product didn’t live up to the brand reputation or label claims. I have also purchased some products with no brand recognition, and they have been quality products that do exactly what their label claims.

We are all influenced by marketing, we know it works, but I encourage you to be a consumer whether of products, ideas, thoughts or trends that will support and encourage quality and individuals that are principled, have integrity and believe in what they sell, push or say. The deepest pockets, or the most hype do not necessarily mean quality.



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March 16, 2017