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Root Cover – Liquid or Powder?

We’ve all been there. There’s a big party or social event in the next hour, you’re all ready to go and you catch just a glimpse in the mirror – your roots are showing! We all know that most of us… enhance the color we were born with, for whatever reason, but no one likes to think that it’s noticeable. There’s clearly no time to get them redone, so what options do you have?

In the past, there were two equally poor options: just live with it, or find an extra hour and hope you get it right.

The Old Wet Way

There used to only be one option for root coverage without running to the salon more often, do it yourself root dyes.

So you run to the store, and grab the right color – hopefully, because the store bought ones never quite match the perfect salon color you paid for.  Then race home, grab the cape, take over the sink or bathtub and try not to spill any where it shouldn’t be – like on the dress you’re planning to wear, or down over your already fixed makeup.

Then there’s the chance that you might stain your roots, burn your hair with the chemicals, mismatch the color, even ruin your existing salon dye job. So many things that could, and often did, go wrong.

Some companies tried to come up with alternatives – spray on (everywhere but where you need it), or dry flaky options that disappeared as soon as they got wet, sometimes leaving a residue behind.

There Is Another Way

First the good news – you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore. Root Revive’s Founder felt your pain, because it was her pain too. As a busy entrepreneurial mother and wife, she tried all the alternatives and decided it was time for something different.

A Powder That Works

Because we’ve been through all the things that could go wrong, our first goal was to avoid all of those issues. Root Revive is quick and easy – it doesn’t take a lot of extra work or preparation. It can easily be integrated into your morning routine and since it doesn’t fade or disappear until you wash your hair, it doesn’t even need to be done every day. But it is safe enough to use every day if you wanted.

An application brush ensures that the Root Revive powder ends up covering your roots, and not anywhere else! Not on the bathroom counter, in the sink, on your face, or covering up your professional dye job. It’s very easy to apply right to the roots that are showing and blend it right into your existing hair color.

A Perfect Match

Root Revive uses a duo color pot system. What does that mean? It takes away the stress of just hoping and praying you’ve got the right color number from whichever brand you’re able to find. Or God help you, the one your husband thought was right! The duo colors pots are designed to be both complimentary and give you options. You can mix the two colors to match your existing hair color. You can also layer the colors for a smoother look and tone. You can even warm up, lighten or darken the color you’re working with, without having to run back out to the store.

What’s more, Root Revive conveniently fits inside your purse or clutch, so it’s always there for you. Even if, God forbid, you get to the party and realize your faux pas, you can slip into the bathroom and emerge a few minutes later with your confidence restored.

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s affordable, and really why would you use anything else? Let go of the stress and embrace the color you want – on every inch of your hair.



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Colleene – Tualatin, Oregon

I love Grayce, it is exactly what I have been looking for.

March 16, 2017